Magazine Article | October 20, 2017

Ask The Board

Source: Retail Executive

Q: Based on your recent research, what promising stats and/or data have you uncovered that can help retailers shape their customer engagement efforts in 2018?

A: IN OVUM’S ICT ENTERPRISE INSIGHTS 2017/18: GLOBAL INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY DRIVERS AND TECHNOLOGY PRIORITIES, when asked to identify the business challenges and latest technology trends driving ICT strategy and digital transformation maturity to better understand investment plans, many of the nearly 5,000 respondents across a wide range of industries (including retail) are taking digital transformation seriously. According to the survey, 30.7 percent are in the process of creating new digital products and services, with 15.1 percent reporting they’re already well advanced in this area. Furthermore, 28.2 percent are working on establishing a clearly articulated digital strategy, while 13.4 percent report they’re well advanced in that area.