Magazine Article | October 20, 2017

Back To The Future: The Return Of The Store

Source: Retail Executive

By David Bell, Retail Author (Location is [Still] Everything), Professor (Wharton School of Business), & Investor (Idea Farm Ventures)

The BOSS Model of retailing encapsulates four key principles for returning relevancy to the store.

In the early days of retail e-commerce, and until as recently as a few years ago, retail executives, analysts, and academics all viewed online and offline as “competitors.” When I started at Wharton during Web 1.0, I came across a leaked letter from the CEO of a major big-box retailer in the Wall Street Journal. The letter contained a thinly veiled threat to the executive counterpart at a major brand, to the effect of: “If you sell your product directly online, we will pull it from our shelves.”