Magazine Article | March 1, 2018

Considering A Flagship Store On Tmall? What Retail Execs Need To Know

Source: Retail Executive

By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Alibaba is China’s biggest online and mobile commerce company, and it famously became one of the most valuable tech companies in the world after raising $25 billion from its U.S. IPO. Its Chinese retail marketplaces, including Tmall and Taobao, have hundreds of millions of users and host millions of merchants and businesses. Alibaba handles more business than any other e-commerce company. Lee McCabe, VP and GM of Alibaba Group North America, details the Tmall experience and why North America’s top retail executives should care.

First of all, McCabe is no stranger to e-commerce, as he’s spent his career shaping the landscape by launching eBay in the U.K. as well as Expedia in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific before heading to Facebook to run a few of their global verticals, including travel. In his current role with Alibaba, among other things, McCabe helps U.S. retailers reach the Chinese audience via Tmall. “The most important information for retail executives considering connecting with Chinese consumers on Tmall is that the opportunity lives in the consumer insight,” he says.