Magazine Article | August 25, 2017

Immersive Brands: The Highest Level Of Brand Equity

Source: Retail Executive

By Chas Hermann, Retail Executive Consultant

As the connection between retail and brands strengthens, retailers must be aware of how immersive brands influence and foster customer loyalty.

Think about all the brands you come across in your lifetime — brands you see and use every day. They can be viewed in one of three categories or brand levels:

  • FUNCTIONAL: brands that compete on “what” the customer gets, very much like a commodity
  • EMOTIONAL: brands that compete on “how” they make the customer feel
  • IMMERSIVE: brands that connect so deeply with the customer they help define “who” you are and, more importantly, what you believe in, often becoming a badge of honor, creating a cult-like following of like-minded people living similar lifestyles

The higher the level a brand reaches, the greater the bond and deeper the relationship the brand enjoys with the customer.