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10 Questions To Gauge Your Omni-Channel Readiness

Read the full-length report, Omni-channel Store Health Assessment: Only The Strong Can Survive, by Paula Rosenblum and Nikki Baird, managing partners at

Promising Stats That Can Help You Shape Customer Engagement In 2018

Retail Executive is honored to present its Editorial Advisory Board, comprising retail’s best and brightest. This month our board members offer advice on promising stats and/or data they uncovered that can help retailers shape their customer engagement efforts in 2018.

Spotlight Story
Winning Without A Playbook: 6 Behaviors Of Future-Fit Leaders
By Trevor Hardy, The Future Laboratory

Being a leader in any organization can be a lonely job. This feeling is only accentuated in periods of great acceleration and uncertainty. In times like these, preparation becomes an essential skill — not only preparation for the immediate and near-term, but also building a state of future-readiness.

In Case You Missed It
The Great Retail Bifurcation
By Jacob Bruun-Jensen, Monitor Deloitte

Deloitte looked at the structural changes occurring in the retail industry and found transformations so profound, they called it the “Great Retail Bifurcation.” This division within the retail market is taking place along two dynamically shifting, yet interrelated, dimensions: consumers and competition.

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