From The Editor
Syncing The C-Suite Mindset
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Based on its 2017 Total Retail Survey, which surveyed more than 24,000 shoppers, PwC developed 10 areas retailers should consider investing in to stay ahead of the competition. Everything on it requires its own thoughtful strategy, but you'll need to focus on the ways the C-suite must sync its collective mindset in order to tackle any one of these strategies.

Supply Chain Insights
Hudson's Bay Company & The Modern Supply Chain
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Erik Caldwell, SVP of supply chain and digital operations at Hudson’s Bay Company, talks making omni-channel fulfillment profitable, capacity concerns, and the A-word.

Operations Insights
The Great Retail Bifurcation
By Jacob Bruun-Jensen, Monitor Deloitte

Deloitte looked at the structural changes occurring in the retail industry and found transformations so profound, they called it the “Great Retail Bifurcation.” This division within the retail market is taking place along two dynamically shifting, yet interrelated, dimensions: consumers and competition.

By The Numbers
The 4 Cardinal Challenges Inhibiting The Growth Of Innovation
By Retail Executive magazine

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) has developed (R)Tech, a new term that describes the confluence of retail and technology. An (R)Tech company embodies the strongest values of both industries, global and local, nimble and entrepreneurial, to delight profoundly empowered consumers.

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