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Back To The Future: The Return Of The Store
By David Bell, retail author And professor at The Wharton School of Business

Until a few years ago, retail executives, analysts, and academics viewed online and offline as “competitors.” More recently, that narrative has evolved into the idea that online will destroy offline. The view that online and offline are naturally direct substitutes, and the corollary that offline is dead, have turned out to be completely and profoundly incorrect.

The Evolution Of The Strategic CMO
Infographic | By The CMO Council

The insights within this infographic are based on the CMO Council report, The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift. The report findings were gleaned from a CMO survey of over 200 marketing executives, conducted in partnership with Deloitte.

Spotlight Story
The Blurring Lines Between Cybersecurity And Traditional LP
By Gus Downing, The Loss Prevention News Network

While the security, loss prevention, and asset protection communities are struggling to answer the call to become more multidimensional and make a bigger impact, the IT security community has its own concerns and complaints. Similar to LP’s frustrations, many IT security executives question reporting to the CIO and feel relegated to second or third fiddle due to the massive technology demands put on today’s CIOs.

In Case You Missed It
Pandora's Surprising Retail Play Improves The Customer Experience
By John Gregory, Pandora

Whether it be jingles to identify prominent local department stores or aggressive promotional messaging over local radio stations, audio ads have always been an integral part of the communication strategy to drive interest and consumer traffic to retail establishments. John Gregory, retail head of industry for Pandora, explains how streaming services deliver real-time, personalized audio advertisements to your customers via carefully curated listener data.

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