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Retail Executive Insights
5 Ways To Bolster Your Team's Professional Development
By TammyLynne Jonas, Retail Executive

Motivation and inspiration are earned in drops and lost in buckets. Here are five key steps to keep your team on their toes.

Disrupt Or Be Disrupted: Leadership In The Digital Age
By Rubi Ho, The Rubi Ho Group

If you have any doubt your business requires disruptive leadership, consider Kodak, Blockbuster, or BlackBerry. Or the 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 2000 that no longer existed by 2010. Then think Amazon, which quintupled its North American sales from $16 billion to $80 billion in a mere six years. Disruptive leadership made the difference.

Pandora's Surprising Retail Play Improves The Customer Experience
By John Gregory, Pandora

Whether it be jingles to identify prominent local department stores or aggressive promotional messaging over local radio stations, audio ads have always been an integral part of the communication strategy to drive interest and consumer traffic to retail establishments. John Gregory, retail head of industry for Pandora, explains how streaming services deliver real-time, personalized audio advertisements to your customers via carefully curated listener data.

Spotlight Story
Hudson's Bay Company & The Modern Supply Chain
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

You wouldn’t expect a retail executive with degrees from both West Point and MIT and who is a former Army cavalry officer to boot to sweat much of anything. So, when I asked Erik Caldwell, SVP of supply chain and digital operations at Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), what keeps him up at night with regard to his job role, I was intrigued by his thoughtful yet emphatic response.

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