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Shocking Stats, How To Tackle Digital Transformation, And More

Retail Executive is honored to present its Editorial Advisory Board, comprising retail’s best and brightest. This month our board offers advice for retail's C-suite considering partnering with early- and growth-stage retail technology companies, looks at retail's most promising technology, and more.

The List
10 Things You Need To Know When Hiring Millennials

Frustrated with the U.S. education system, Adam Braun built MissionU to provide a forward- thinking, world-class higher education program that prepares its students for the real world. Here, Braun describes 10 traits millennials possess — some of which may surprise you.


The Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit brings together 200 CISOs and their teams from the greater retail and consumer services industries to share best practices, gain insights, and network with other information security professionals. Information sharing is based on trust. The summit allows for the opportunity to meet with other information security professionals to build that trust.

Customer Engagement Insights
Pandora's Surprising Retail Play Improves The Customer Experience

Whether it be jingles to identify prominent local department stores or aggressive promotional messaging over local radio stations, audio ads have always been an integral part of the communication strategy to drive interest and consumer traffic to retail establishments. John Gregory, retail head of industry for Pandora, explains how streaming services deliver real-time, personalized audio advertisements to your customers via carefully curated listener data.

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