Magazine Article | August 29, 2017

10 Things Retailers Should Know When Hiring Millenials

Source: Retail Executive

By Adam Braun, founder, MissionU

Adam Braun founded MissionU in response to his wife’s inability to pay back more than $100,000 in student loans. Frustrated with the U.S. education system, Braun built MissionU to provide a forward- thinking, world-class higher education program that prepares its students for the real world — debt free.

Academic scholars and advisors from Harvard Innovation Lab, Stanford Graduate School of Business, MIT Media Lab, and more help craft MissionU’s curriculum. Students should expect a full-time commitment for one calendar year that includes experience with actual companies. MissionU’s student-centered approach means no upfront tuition and no high-risk loans. Instead, students contribute 15 percent of their income for just three years after the program ends, and only if they’re earning $50,000 per year or more. Learn more about higher education for the 21st century at