Magazine Article | October 20, 2017

Winning Without A Playbook

Source: Retail Executive

By Trevor Hardy, CEO, The Future Laboratory

Each future-fit leader embodies six distinct behaviors.

We were in the age of certainty. Not so long ago we had all the answers. Google was “organizing the world’s information,” and we believed that all problems — even social problems — could be solved by tech. We would know what every consumer wants and, thanks to GPS, we would know where everyone and everything was. And with Wikipedia, we would also know the history of any event, person, or idea.

The world was a more predictable place, and we had models and methods and tricks of the trade that, if followed, would result in business growth. As long as we read the right books, followed the lessons of successful leaders, and stuck to the fundamentals laid out by the great management thinkers, business would proceed down its natural course toward inevitable success.